Chi Omega FLOWER CHILD Tumbler Magnet
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Chi Omega FLOWER CHILD Tumbler Magnet

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In collaboration with STYLIN BRUNETTE, we are introducing our Floral Sorority Tumbler Magnet – a charming and practical accessory for sorority members on the go! This magnet is designed specifically to adorn your favorite tumbler, adding a touch of floral elegance and personalized sorority pride. 

Use this magnet to effortlessly transform an ordinary tumbler into a stylish and unique statement piece, perfect for displaying your Greek pride wherever you take your drinks.

Not only does it add a decorative touch, but this magnet also serves a functional purpose. It helps identify your tumbler in a sea of cups and reduces the chance of accidental mix-ups during sorority events or gatherings.

CLICK HERE for application directions!

3" at widest side. Tumbler not included.

Officially licensed product.